Elegoo Mars 3 3D Printer Review: 4K Resolution without a $4K Price Tag

Jamie Linger

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The $300 Elegoo Mars 3 is the latest in the Mars series of printers, and Elegoo has clearly listened to feedback from their users. The 4K screen on the Mars 3 provides razor-sharp detail without compromising on print speed thanks to a brand-new high-output COB UV LED light source that enables rapid 2.5 second per-layer cure times. 

During testing, this printer proved to be accurate and reliable, but falls just short of being one of the best 3D printers due to a poorly designed test print, a cheap-feeling plastic case and the fact that, as of publication time, the printer was unavailable for purchase. If your primary concern is resolution and speed, than the 0.035mm XY resolution of the Elegoo Mars 3 makes this printer absolutely worth the price for fast, high-resolution printing.

Elegoo Mars 3 Specifications

Machine Footprint 8.93″ x 8.93″ x 17.28″ (22.7cm x 22.7cm x 43.85cm)
Build Volume 5.64″ x 3.52″ x 6.89″ (143mm x 89.6mm x 175mm)
Resin DLP Photopolymer Resin
UV Light 405nm COB UV LED
Masking LCD Resolution 4098 x 2560
Masking LCD Size 6.6-inch
Interface 3.5-inch LCD Touchscreen
XY Axis Resolution .035mm

Included in the Box of Elegoo Mars 3

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The Elegoo Mars 3 ships in a “just-add-resin” state; included with the printer is multiple sets of gloves for handling resin, several surgical-style facemasks, funnels for filtering resin, and a few assorted tools that are used during printing. The printer includes a USB thumb drive that includes a copy of the slicer app Chitubox as well as a pre-sliced demo model to verify the functionality of the machine. 

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